My values

My objective and SeiLá

  • Clara Trens

    Educational psychologist and psychopedagogist. Currently studying Neuropsychology of Educaction

    I created SeiLá with the aim of combining my vocation, education, training and experience. Motivated by my passion for psychology, I am excited to provide support for all types of students who want to improve performance and overcome problems. I have focused on building my repertoire within the field of educational psychology, providing SeiLá to parents, as the answer to the concerns of their children, in regard to their studies, behaviour and ambitions.

  • Objective.

    My goal is to help children and teenagers grow. In SeiLá we guide students undergoing different situations or difficulties. This includes children who have high intellectual abilities, a hidden talent or low academic performance and youth undertaking difficult decisions concerning their academic path. We encourage children not to focus on their doubts as this may cause further problems. 

    During a child’s education, they are constantly evolving, acquiring new knowledge and discovering the world. These experiences effect both their personality and path in life. For this reason, educational and emotional support is necessary outside the family and school context. They require a place to grow, learn and discover talents along with accepting their limitations with optimism.

  • Concept.

    SeiLá is a modern concept in the field of psychology. It is a useful tool for parents and their children, undergoing the most significant moments of personal development: childhood and adolescence. Stages in which it is usual to feel distant from the educational and social system. We collaborate closely with the school, in order to have an extensive vision into the student’s contexts.

    SeiLá will help parents and children to be courageous, optimistic and brave people.

    As a psychologist I am committed to contribute to the success and happiness of people.


Academic training

09.2012 / 07.2016 BSc Psychology. Universitat Abat Oliba CEU. Barcelona, Spain

09.2015 / 02.2016 Erasmus+ Psychology. WISP (Warsaw International Studies in Psychology). Varsovia, Polonia

01.2017 / 02.2018 MSc Pedagogical Sciences. Radboud University. Nijmegen, Netherlands. Specialised in Diversites in Youth Care & Gifted Education

2018 Master Thesis. Nijmegen, Países Bajos
“Therapists’ perception of Parental Involvement and Cultural Barriers in Low Intensive Behavioural Treatment for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disability”

09.2019 / 09.2021: MSc Neuropsychology and Education. UNIR, Spain.

Member of the giftedness research team in COPC (Catalan Psychology association)

September 2018/April 2021:
Educational and psychological interventions for children with learning problems. Treating families at risk of exclusion. Academic orientation, personal motivation and study techniques sessions for adolescents.

Collaborating with the school, offering psychological services to students, teachers and parents.

  • February 2018/August 2018:
    Being part of the Department of Pyschology and Orientation:
    Academic and professional Orientation
    Evauation and Intervention
    Workshops to teachers
    Study techniques classes
    Support to Special Needs Children and Teenagers
    Support in Gifted Education cases
    Spanish teacher of extracurricular classes                                                                                                          Mentor in a group of exchange teachers
    Mentora de un grupo de profesores de intercambio

January 2018/February 2018                                                                                                                                As part of the MSc Gifted Education specialisation, I moved to a research team from ULL University.
Collaboration with the research team «Grupo de Trabajo e Investigación en Superdotación (GTISD)» (in English: Work and research group in giftedness). Attending to meetings and training sessions.
Participation in the after school program for gifted children and their families: “Programa Integral para Altas Capacidades” (PIPAC)” (in English: “Comprehensive program for high abilities”). Design and implementation of a session.

September 2017/January 2018

Internship at the secondary school department as School pedagogist and a counsellor.
Evaluate the level of inclusion and adaptation of new international students
Intervene through workshops to teachers and meetings with students
Develop a Diversity and Inclusion program


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