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Study techniques

Your children spend many hours studying during school and their free time. How many of these hours are really productive? At SeiLá we believe It is not necessary to study so much…


Educational psychology sessions

Educational psychology sessions are personalised educational interventions for students with learning difficulties, diagnosed or not, with…


Gifted and high ability students

Little is said about talents, giftedness and high abilities. Gifted students have the capability to perform at higher levels compared to their reference group.

Orientacion academica

Academic and professional guidance

Do you have doubts about your academic and professional future? When you are due to finish an educational stage, such as secondary school…


Educational and emotional support to parents

Changes are continually present in our lives. The need to adapt to new situations is increasingly important and frequent. In SeiLá we help in the process of changes…

Area Evaluacion psicologica

Psychological evaluation

A psychological evaluation allows us identify and understand learning processes. The ultimate objective is to intervene and help children develop their potential.