Hello! This is Clara Trens

I am Educational psychologist and psychopedagogist. SeiLá is a modern concept in the field of psychology. It is a useful tool for parents and their children, undergoing the most significant moments of personal development: childhood and adolescence. Stages in which it is usual to feel distant from the educational and social system.

Study techniques

In SeiLá we believe that the ability to organise is the basis for our students to succeed personally and academically.


Educational psychology sessions

We focus on what the student should improve or acquire from an academic point of view, without forgetting their personality and their emotions


Gifted and high ability students

We deal with academic and personal motivation, social and emotional skills, self-esteem, self-knowledge, emotional regulation and tolerance to frustration…

Orientacion academica

Academic and professional guidance

In SeiLá we guide through disciplines of self-knowledge and reflection. Our goal is for young people to have the necessary tools to make decisions…

Academic training

My C.V.

MSc Pedagogical Sciences
Masther thesis
ANEIS international congress
Universitat Abat Oliba CEU. Barcelona.
WISP (Warsaw International Studies in Psychology). Varsovia, Polonia.
Gifted edudation & Diversities in Youth Care. Radboud University. Nijmegen
Therapists’ perception of parental … Nijmegen, Países Bajos
Presentation on gifted education. Braga, Portugal.


I suggest

  • Study techniques
  • Educational psychology sessions
  • Gifted and high ability students
  • Academic and professional guidance
  • Advise on life changes
  • Educational and emotional support to parents

Are you interested?

Claves para superar con éxito un confinamiento con tus hijos
Claves para superar con éxito un confinamiento con tus hijos

Estar confinados, estar cerrados en casa sin poder salir y privados de libertades, nos genera un gran abanico de estados y reacciones. Al ser una situación excepcional, nueva y muy diferente podemos experimentar preocupación, ansiedad, miedo o incluso pánico, de aquí las reacciones desmesuradas...

Multilingual families: Psychology in English
Multilingual families: Psychology in English

We live in a constantly changing world. In today’s world, boarders between countries are increasingly subtle, allowing families to move and live in different countries temporarily or permanently. Likewise, in modern times there are more “multicultural” families. The reality of multicultural...

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