Study techniques
Study techniques

Your children spend many hours studying during school and their free time. How many of these hours are really productive? At SeiLá we believe It is not necessary to study so much, but to study well. Do you see your children lost in front of books, words and planners? Do they know how to prioritise, organise and be effective? Do you really think they know how to study? Do you see your children nervous before an exam and do not know how to help them? Is it hard for them to memorise? 


In SeiLá we believe that the ability to organise is the basis for our students to succeed personally and academically. For this reason, study techniques are one of our essential and indispensable services. The sessions are dynamic and practical. These can be individual or in groups, at home or at schools. Students will learn, not only to summarise and outline, but they will discover their predominant learning style, learn to manage “nerves” during and after exams, organise their time more effectively, learn how to actively read and acquire memorisation techniques. They will also reflect on their attitude and participation in class, the conditions and the best place of study and the importance of working as a team. They will also be given tools so that they know how to properly communicate their ideas, enabling them to give oral presentations with confidence. 

For whom

We believe that the basis of study techniques must be acquired as soon as possible, for this reason, this service is aimed at students between 10-14 years old. However, it is never too early or late to learn. We adapt to the needs and age of the individual.