Psychological evaluation
Psychological evaluation

A psychological evaluation allows us identify and understand learning processes. The ultimate objective is to intervene and help children develop their potential.

When is it necessary?

– In suspicion of learning difficulties. In cases where your child has difficulties in learning how to read, write or calculate. Spelling, comprehension or mental arithmetic might be affected while cognitive ability appears to be intact.

– In the presence of attentional difficulties and/or an extreme need of movement. Your child might find it hard to listen, keep attention on a task or accept the turn to speak.

– In cases of early and fast development. Your child has reached developmental milestones ahead of time, has a rich vocabulary and is a fast learner, although school performance might not be excellent.

– In cases of slow or developmental delay. Your child finds it hard to achieve developmental milestones (walk, speak, understand, read, write, etc.)

– When you want to know your child’s performance and potential. Do you want to know the areas in which your child excels and which areas require more attention?