Gifted and high ability students
Gifted and high ability students

Little is said about talents, giftedness and high abilities. Gifted students have the capability to perform at higher levels compared to their reference group. When adequate emotional and intellectual support does not exist, these students might feel frustrated, demotivated and lost. Additionally, low academic performance in gifted children is quite common. In SeiLá we care about the present and future of gifted and talented students. The sessions are aimed for students to get to know themselves better, manage their skills, encourage the culture of effort and avoid discouragement. In the same way, we do not forget the intellectual aspects and foster critical thinking.


Because two identical students do not exist, the methodology is flexible, adapting to the needs of each one, to their concerns, strengths or weaknesses. Among other topics, we deal with academic and personal motivation, social and emotional skills, self-esteem, self-knowledge, emotional regulation and tolerance to frustration. On the other hand, we strengthen logical reasoning, criticism and creativity. We guide them through life changes, stages and in life decisions, such as the choice of higher education.

For whom

Aimed at students with a diagnosis in high intellectual capacities/giftedness or are identified with the characteristics. The sessions are aimed at students with talents or who excel in some discipline (mathematics, sports, art, languages etc…) and need developmental guidance. We offer advice to parents and family members, answering questions regarding the development of their children or their characteristics.