Educational psychology sessions
Educational psychology sessions

Educational psychology sessions are personalised educational interventions for students with learning difficulties, diagnosed or not, with the aim of establishing the educational foundations according to their age. This type of intervention also applies to students who show little motivation, feel frustrated, have a disruptive behaviour or have low academic performance, among others. In these cases, the sessions have the objective of helping the student acquire self-knowledge and to discover and love themselves. 


Educational psychology sessions are adapted to the needs of each student and the concerns of each family.

We focus on what the student should improve or acquire from an academic point of view, without forgetting their personality and their emotions, as well as their strengths, which we reinforce in order to create an adequate self-concept and healthy self-esteem.

However, it is important to be consistent in these sessions, in order to reach the objectives set at the beginning.

At SeiLá we believe that knowing the context of the student is essential. For this reason, we conduct evaluation and follow-up sessions with parents or legal guardians. In the same way, we do not forget the school, the place where they spend most of the time. When a student begins with us, we like to contact their tutor in order to work together and know the behaviour and learning style of the student in the classroom. We believe that multidisciplinary work will benefit the student’s performance.

For whom

This type of educational intervention is aimed at school students of all ages, who present some type of learning disorder, a different learning rhythm, poor performance, lack of motivation and behavioural or emotional problems. We consider the context of the situation and encourage family participation.