Educational and emotional support to parents
Advice on life changes

Changes are continually present in our lives. The need to adapt to new situations is increasingly important and frequent. In SeiLá we help in the process of changes in vital stages, we help in the preparation for a new situation or adventure, we are present in times of insecurity or disappointment and we give tools to make decisions.
Orientation sessions for parents, dealing with issues related to the education of their children, their behaviour and the improvement of their relationship with them. Processes of adaptation to a new family situation, how to face the diagnostic label of your child, how to manage emotions and techniques for better communication with your children.

Are you a parent who is unsure which school is best for your child?

Have you moved to another country, community, etc?

Are you adapting to a new situation or context? Has the family dynamic or structure changed?
Do you want to know which road to choose? Do you require support in making decisions?

Online and face-to-face methodology.

Online and face-to-face methodology aimed at people of all ages who need a push to make a positive change in their lives.